Friday, August 31, 2007

Episode 31

Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo runs by the local jail when they see that the police, Debura is sleeping! They quickly take advantage of the short period of anarchy by playing police by themselves. Takora puts up a super cool banner that says he is the new sheriff in town. But when Debura awakes and discovers this, he is not amused.

Character info, Debura


  • A rotund badger who is often seen chewing on the stub of a cigar.
  • This tough cop runs the local jail, but also works as the local doctor now and then.
  • He differs from the other characters as he more often wears clothes. Gun belt, holster, truncheon, and sometimes a helmet.

Episode 30

The two gentlemen are out running. When they run by Monros place they discover her crying. It turns out that bastard Tororo has stolen her dinner! The duo quickly decides to bring order to the land and begins their hunt for Tororo. When they finally find him an epic battle begins, involving ghosts, super powers and vinegar. But returning home to Monro with her food, she replies: "I am on diet for my beauty, so I just wanted a glass of juice."

Episode 29

Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo are out running around as usual when they end up at Debura who is working as a doctor. It's vaccination time! Kure Kure quickly turns around and runs, but Chonbo is not as fast and Debura quickly shoots him with the needle. Chonbo's screams of agony puts great fear in Kure Kure and he runs like a madman. Tororo and Chonbo who just got their vaccine now wants Kure Kure in on the pain and helps Debura with the chase. After running for days Kure Kure at one last desperate attempt to escape uses his super power and transforms into a bush. Will it save him?

Episode 28

Kure Kure and Chonbo heads over to the vending machine, hungry for a snack. Chonbo gets a nice cake, but when Kure Kure is next, the machine just plays tricks with him! Either it closes to quickly, snapping Kure Kure's tentacles or it ridicules him. Finally it's just too much and our hero gets creamed.

Episode 27

Monro finds some candy and hands it over to Debura. When Kure Kure Takora sees the candy he screams Kure Kure! After som nagging, Debura hands it over. But too much candy ain't good for your teeth! Kure Kure Takora gets an excruciating pain so the rest of the bunch helps to pull the tooth out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Episode 26

Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo are all dressed up and in the mood for some pink walrus love. Kure Kure pushes Chonbo aside and takes a walk with Monro, but Chonbo wont settle with that. He plants a spider in Kure Kure's gift to Monro. But finally, as always, the demonic plan fails.

Character info, Biragon


  • A dumb, slow-witted iguana.
  • He is extremely lazy and spends most of his time sleeping.
  • Maybe the richest character on the show, he often has a new gadget or toy that is covetted by Kure Kure Takora.

Episode 25

Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo heads over to the vending machine, hungry for a snack. But when they insert a coin the machine tells them to insert onions! Weird indeed, but the guys do as the machine says. When done, it asks for potatoes! The guys gets pretty upset, but serves the machine once again. Then the machine asks for soy sauce. The suspicion grows and finally a great conspiracy is unfolded!

(once again, thanks to Lennart for help with translations)

Episode 24

Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo overpowers Debura the cop. They steal his gun, badge and helmet and throw Debura in jail. Aroused by the power Kure Kure Takora threatens Biragon who is dating Monro and Biragon runs off. Monro is overwhelmed by the macho Takora. However, Chonbo is fed up with being harassed all the time and plans for revenge.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Episode 23

Today its a festival in town. Everyone is doing their best carrying a shrine. But there is not room for everyone so it gets a bit rough. Since Monro is standing beside, all the guys want to impress on her. But instead, Monro feels sorry for Shiku Shiku who is kicked out. Now all the guys wants to be kicked out.

Episode 22

It's hunting season! Kure Kure finds Ikari shooting randomly up in the sky, followed by birds falling down. So Kure Kure also give it a try, but down comes a fish! This repeats itself a couple of times until Kure Kure gets pissed and leave, trying his luck fishing instead. But all he gets from the river are birds! Something is very fishy...

Episode 21

Its the olympics in Takora land and we get to see the relay race.
Kure Kure Takora takes off first, while Chonbo tricks and cheats the other runners as much as he can. But soon the trickery backfires when noone knows where to run.