Saturday, January 12, 2008

Episode 50

It's summer and the heat is taking its toll on everyone. Tororo, the lucky bastard, has got a fan to cool him down. Of course Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo will try to steal it. They start off by sneaking up on the sleeping Tororo but he wakes up, the duo then try to cool Tororo off while lifting the fan away. But poor Chonbo only attracts a bee that stings his little nose! Later on, they finally succed by using a fishing rod, but it seems as if Tororo will have the final laughter.

Episode 49

Poor Shiku Shiku, when walking around enjoying a pair of tomatoes, he is robbed by Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo! But destiny turns many mysterious ways, as Kure Kure Takora gets a hick up from eating a tomato. That darn hick up just won't stop, even though Chonbo tries to hit him with stick, scaring the life out of him and even tries to drop a ton of rock upon him. Due to the extensive hick up, Kure Kure Takora doesn't get any sleep. As he wanders around tired and exhausted, he is stopped by a mysterious gang holding guns at him.

Episode 48

Debura and Monro has just bought some bread and snacks from the vending machine when Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo runs by. Guess who wants some snacks! But first Monro kindly asks to buy some more and of course Kure Kure Takora can't resist her sweet voice. However, when Monro is done, the vending machine plays a little trick on Kure Kure Takora! Enraged, he releases his vengeance upon Debura who has gotten way more bread than he can eat. But messing with the cops is always a risk...