Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Episode 55

Plot coming soon...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Episode 54

The Sea cucumber gang are out digging in a hole. A mysterious object is found and has to be removed. Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo are running by and become intrigued. When the object is finally up, they discuss what it might be but noone knows, until Debura comes by and lets everyone know that it's a bomb! Everyone runs around in circles screaming for their lives, but Kure Kure Takora who is a bit cooler than everyone else steps up to the bomb and gives it a little kick. "Hey guys it's not that dangerous" he says, when it suddenly explodes.

Episode 53

Debura is having a nice day off his work as a cop. He is spending some quality time painting a stilleben of fruits. Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo runs by and tries to get some of the sweet fruit, but Debura won't let them. So the duo retreats and comes up with an amazing plan. They paint a picture that looks like the fruit and then replace it with the fruits. The artsy Debura first doesn't notice, but when approaching the fruit he is enraged. Meanwhile, the demonic duo is having a stolen fruit fest.