Monday, April 30, 2007

Character info, Chonbo


  • Kure Kure Takora's best friend and toadie.
  • Is a squash-humanoid of the genus cucurbita, his super power is to able to cough up coins for vending machines at will.
  • Although he is complicit in many of Kure Kure's schemes, he's just as often on the receiving end of Kure Kure's abuse.
  • Very mobile for a squash, Chonbo is often seen somersaulting and tumbling.

Blog info:
Beneath every blog entry there are labels. I label every episode with its specifics, like which characters are in or if it contains severe violence (like the swordfight in episode 7). Just click a label if you want to see all the episodes with your favourite character. I've decided not to include Kure Kure Takora and Chonbo as labels, since they participate in every episode anyway.

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