Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Episode 16

It's a super hot day in takora land! Chonbo and Kure Kure heads to the pool, but it's occupied by Tororo! They quickly come up with a plan to lure Tororo away. Chonbo plays sweet music and wears a sign that says "Everything is free today at the impossible market". But when stupid Tororo falls for the trick and runs away, Kure Kure and Chonbo find out that the pool is empty! Desperately the search for water to fill it up. They build a well and pump for water till late at night, with no result. Finally, exhausted and with bruises and headbumps, they see Debura wearing a sign that says "The water is shut down today".

(special thanks to Lennart for helping out with the japanese!)

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